A Long and Proud History at Maxprop.

From humble beginnings to a brand known throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, here is the Maxprop story over it's over 5 decade history.

Maxprop offers the complete property solution. We offer a comprehensive range of property services including residential sales and letting, commercial and industrial sales and letting and auctions. Let us assist you to source the right location for a property that is competitively priced and suitable for your every need.

Maxprop also has an investment arm and our property syndications have managed to achieve returns that consistently outperform inflation as well as giving the investor capital growth over a period of time, all within appropriate risk profiles. Maxprop also offers a property management service which today administers in excess of R15 billion worth of property.

Over 5 decades of real estate expertise - Dalmax House

In 1966 the Company moved to Pinetown purchasing what was to become the headquarters of the Company for 40 years, Dalmax House, 108 Old Main Road, Pinetown. Giving the company a foothold into the Residential property market in Durban.

Expansion around Kwa-Zulu Natal

The early 70's saw the Company expand its area of operations beyond the boundaries of Pinetown with the opening of Branches in Westville, Hillcrest and Kloof.

Property Administration

Property Administration followed and within a few short years Maxprop was competing with the long established firms.

C&I Division

In 1977 the Commercial and Industrial division was created to cope with the demand of a developing industrial environment.

C&I Division

In 1977 the Commercial and Industrial division was created to cope with the demand of a developing industrial environment.

Franchises Across Durban

The Maxprop Group was restructured in 1986, and the decision taken to go the Franchise route. Certain company owned Branches became Franchise outlets, each independently owned and operated, but all using the corporate identity of the Maxprop Group. As the years passed, the Franchise chain was expanded to its present 21 Residential offices covering Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Project and Syndicates

During the same period the Commercial & Industrial company ventured into Projects & Syndication, giving the small, as well as major investors, the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of property ownership.

Maxprop House

In 1994 Maxprop House was acquired at 98 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, to serve as the new Head Office of Maxprop Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Digital Initiative

In 2016 Maxprop residential and commercial embarked on a software project to build the Digital Office, a web app to support agents and brokers through the sales process.

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