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Property Management Division: Commercial, Industrial & Retail

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Maxprop teams set three critical goals for commercial, industrial and retail property management:

  • 1. Collect rentals on a timely basis.
  • 2. Provide effective liaison with tenants.
  • 3. Provide clients with clear monthly reporting.


Your Maxprop team will, among other things:

Manage Leases

  • Draw up new leases, renewals and cessions.
  • Screen prospective tenants.
  • Coordinate tenant installations.
  • Collect rentals and recoveries from tenants.
  • Determine rentals and ensure that they are in keeping with the market.

Manage Buildings

  • Inspect the buildings.
  • Coordinate completion of maintenance tasks where necessary.
  • Negotiate with maintenance contractors and other professionals as necessary.

Control Costs

  • Update technologies and processes to run the building as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Monitor expenses while ensuring that the building is well maintained.

Team Staffing

Our teams consist of property managers, leasing coordinators, credit controllers and maintenance inspectors. An associated financial division manages budgeting, preparing financial statements and ensuring that rentals and recoveries are accurately determined.

Maxprop property managers believe in a hands-on approach to MAXimise returns to owners, enhance the performance of the investment and protect the long-term value of the client's properties.

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