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What should you look for when you choose a commercial real estate brokerage? If you want a successful real estate transaction, you’ll look for a company you can trust. You’ll also look for brokers who specialize in commercial real estate, have experience, know the local market, and have innovative processes in place to help both buyers and sellers. When you choose Maxprop, you get all that and more!

Sell Commercial Real Estate with Maxprop

The process of selling commercial real estate is complex. Many sellers become confused and frustrated when faced with the issues that frequently arise with disclosures, compliance, timing and tenants. You can eliminate those problems by working with an experienced commercial broker; a broker who will be with you every step of the way to explain the process, anticipate any complications that may arise, and get you the best possible price and terms for your property.

Our expert commercial real estate professionals are experienced and business savvy. The team understands that the success of every transaction, large or small, is the result of efficient collaboration.

Maxprop Commercial and Industrial Brokers Find Buyers Quickly.

Use a Systematic Approach

We take a thoughtful and systematic approach to listing your property. Your broker will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your goals. We won’t waste your time negotiating with buyers who don’t match your needs.

Perfect Your Property Presentation

If your property needs repairs or renovations, we can provide you with recommendations for top-quality service providers.

In addition, we know the market and your competition. Our dedicated marketing team is comprised of designers, photographers and real estate marketing professionals who present your property in its best light to strengthen market demand and generate multiple offers.

Attract the Best Qualified Buyers

We work through a systematic approach to match your property to buyers who are ready, willing, and able to engage in a seamless sale of your property. Our brokers come with years of experience and a developed network of investors, building owners and others within the commercial real estate community. Not only do our brokers attract a large pool of qualified buyers, they are careful to ensure that potential buyers align with your requirements before negotiations commence.

Commercial Real Estate Services You Can Trust

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