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For over 5 decades, Maxprop has been committed to selling and letting commercial and residential property in the Durban area. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best properties and in going the extra mile to find competitive prices and locations that are perfect for their needs. Our property practitioners seek out the right deal for each transaction because we understand that every client has unique needs for their business or home.

Professional Property Practitioners

One of the things that makes Maxprop stand out from other property groups is our team of real estate brokers. All of our brokers have received extensive training to ensure that the service they provide is professional, helpful and courteous.

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Certified Buyers

In addition to a standout team of brokers, we have an extensive network of qualified buyers on our system. Thanks to an internal program that shares referrals across all the franchise offices in the province, selling with us is comfortable and secure.

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Our Finance Partner -- Ooba

For increased security when selling your property, we work with a finance partner -- Ooba. Ooba's bond origination service means that we can prequalify potential buyers to make the process simpler, and Ooba helps us to do everything we can to ensure your buyer's financing is approved.

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Your Valuation

Thanks to decades of experience in the residential sector, our highly-trained agents are experts at providing you with accurate valuations of your property. To ensure you find the right buyer, we'll conduct an in-depth valuation of your property to make sure you price it right. This approach helps ensure that you get the price you deserve and that your property sells.

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Buyer Databases

Each of our Property Practitioners is a specialist in their local Kwa-Zulu Natal area and have built up their personal networks and databases of qualified buyers, which ultimately makes the selling process easier and less time-consuming.

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Marketing Plan Unique to Each Property

In collaboration with you, we'll develop a unique marketing plan that fits your selling or letting circumstances. You can pick from our range of advertising options or build your marketing plan.

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Advertising Placement Across Media

When you work with Maxprop, you have the opportunity to feature your property on a variety of channels. We'll promote your property on the Maxprop website, property portals, social media pages and in print. We'll also use sophisticated targeting methods to reach the right people via digital platforms.

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Show Houses and Viewings

To help make the process less time-consuming for you, our property practitioners will arrange viewings with potential buyers throughout show days to promote the property in-person.

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Industry and Legal Compliance

Maxprop's property practitioners have become accredited with multiple industry bodies, and we always comply with industry regulations. Our team members also belong to the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA).

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Expertise Guiding You

When selling with us, we'll provide you with a full range of services to help support you through every step of the process. We understand that your home is likely your biggest asset, and we want to make sure nothing gets overlooked when you choose to sell it.

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